Professional Athlete
As a professional athlete during the season it is hard to find a blender between meetings and practice, practice and the gym and the gym back to meetings. Now, all I use is Gotein. On my way to meetings and before or after practice I throw a quick stick in my water bottle and I'm done, without the time and mess of a blender! By the end of the day I've easily consumed over 90 grams of protein not to mention all the essential vitamins and minerals.
Ryan Kalil
Carolina Panthers #67
2010 Pro Bowl

Oops, sorry. User error y'all. I hadn't actually poured out enough water.
Once I poured out the correct amount, what was watery and uninspired turned into protein shake OMG! THIS IS REALLY GOOD-ness.

From The Coast Challenge in Costa Rica - a six day race
Gotein is such a great product and was a wonderful item to have for our race. Not only is it easy to pack when space is limited but it is so easy to use. When we are pushing our bodies days in a row and refueling our bodies is top priority for recovery and staying strong, it is so great to just open a packet up, pour it in a water bottle, shake, and drink. As we learned during this 6 day event...Gotein is not only fantastic for our regular training and racing but it's ideal for multi-day events as well.
Jody V

Ever sinceI receivedthese. . . . . it has been pure bliss .

Great Taste/Low Sugar
Bravo on this product. First off, I have tried a lot of different types of protein and am really into the taste. It’s not often that you get a great protein source with good taste and low to almost no sugar.
Norm V.
Orange County Probation Department, CAI will honestly tell you that I am not a big fan of flavored protein powder because it usually has an artificial taste that lingers in my mouth for way too long. With that being said I absolutely loved the chocolate flavored Gotein powder, it tasted exactly like chocolate milk and it did not have any of that nasty aftertaste that I usually get when I drink flavored protein powders.

Hunger Control
I drank two Gotein’s during my 8 hour shift and found that it was a great way to curb snacking and made me feel less hungry come lunch time. The perfect size sticks stow easily in my duty bag. Gotein dissolved very easy and was very
smooth, non-gritty and had a great taste.
Police officer from Iowa, as tested for approval by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

I drank 1/3 of the bottle like it calls for, dumped the powder in, shook it like a Polaroid picture and voila! Protein shake! My low blood sugar headache was relived in minutes.

Workout Recovery Results
I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to test your product. Our athletes were asked to test their samples exactly per the directions so there could be a good representation of the mixture. They were also directed to drink the mix within one half an hour after their workouts as we are experimenting with between-competition nutrition sources. Several of the athletes were then asked to workout again within about 90 minutes after the first workout. I had no complaints whatsoever about upset stomach or indigestion. Each individual said the flavors they tried were palatable and an easy texture easy to drink. The work performed in the second workout was consistent with each athlete's relative power output capacity.
As a former SWAT team member and field officer your product makes great sense. Sure we'd all like a natural prepared meal or recovery snack when we can but it simply isn't always practical. Whether as a meal replacement or included in a post workout meal with a piece of fruit for more of a recovery meal, Gotein has value in either the tactical or athletic setting.
Steve, CrossFit Marina

I am pretty picky about my protein powders, especially when I am drinking them plain (in water only), but these passed the test! They mix well and don't have a very strong “protein powder” taste to them–you know the one I mean.

Thank You Gotein!!

I can finally say someone has gotten it right. As a competitive body builder for the past seven years, I have been in search of a protein shake that is low in calories, carbs, sugar, and fat that actually tastes good, or is at least remotely palatable. Gotein has by far surpassed all my expectations! I no longer dread my protein shakes.
The Gotein Vanilla tastes so good it is almost a treat! Also, I love the convenient individual packaging. It is great for people who are on the go! I always keep a few packages in my duty bag at work. Again, thank you for your great product ...
Also, great response among the team members at work!!!! People overwhelmingly love the vanilla!!! It is a total hit!
Spring Sendele, Laguna Beach PD

Most protein shakes I have tried chalky, difficult to dissolve, sit heavy on my stomach, or just plain disgusting! WouldGoteinfinally be theoneshake I could live with? Well yes-sir-ee! Ding Ding Ding….I think we have a WINNER!

Weight Loss Success
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this new protein powder called Gotein. I have been on a weight loss program for about 6 weeks and have lost 17 lbs. With a combination of diet, exercise and substituting Gotein for one of my snacks, the weight has been coming off! I also use Gotein for my post work-out protein replacement. All the flavors taste
great and there is no clumping or gritty taste. Because Gotein is conveniently packaged, I use it at home, work and even when I travel. I will definitely recommend it to anyone interested in weight loss, maintaining a healthy diet, or even those who are serious gym enthusiasts!
Go Gotein!Sanford, OC Probation Dept.

I have to say I loved them all... Vanilla won though, it was SO DELICIOUS. Who doesn't like a vanilla protein shake that tastes like Steve and Kathy's milkshakes!

Rave for Gotein Vanilla & Chocolate Protein Stick PacksAs a fitness professional, I am always approached by clients & gym members with the "next greatest" thing. After trying Gotein powder, I was very excited to taste something so good & healthy enough to actually be able to give my 16 yr old twin boys. It is a great product with great ingredients & best of all the small package is pre-measured to pour directly into a 16oz water bottle! It's quick, easy to use & tastes great. This product is a must have in today's busy society for a quick healthy shake!
S. Falls
Fitness Trainer/Consultant Gold's Gym
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

It's a super fast, easy, and delicious way to refuel after a run, especially if you're like me and you can't stomach real food right after a long run.

Losing with Gotein
I have lost 60 lbs so far, using Gotein as an evening sub for dinner - (with exercise etc, too of course). I mix it into a smoothie for my husband (55 lbs for him) and myself. Works Great ! ! !Pat Everett, WA

When the people atGoteindreamed up their ingenious product, they had me in mind fa sho. So,I <3 Gotein. I like it thick, and I love the chocolate and vanilla varieties the most.

Healthy Lifestyle/Athlete
Had a great run this morning, did some Perfect Push Ups, and for post workout I had one of your shakes. This time I changed it up and put it in orange juice. It tastes just like an Orange Julius or 50/50 bar...delicious. I just poured it in my OJ in a glass, mixed it easily with a spoon and enjoyed. No fuss, no mess and a delicious protein shake. I'm a huge fan of Gotein!Jim
Temecula, CA

Holy yum. And even though I kept forgetting to put some water bottles in the fridge and had to drink it at room temperature, it was still great.

Weight Loss Success
It is funny that I am writing a testimonial about a nutritional product. You see, I am a reality junkie- and part of my reality was watching The Biggest Loser weight loss reality show on TV and having to pause it because - oh wait a minute, there was the doorbell and my pizza had just arrived (with extra cheese).
So, when I decided to try and finally lose the extra weight I have had for years, a nutritionist suggested I try a protein shake as a meal replacement. She said it would cut back on caloric intake and give me a boost in the right direction.
There are a lot of protein shakes out on the market and I have tried a lot of them! Man, some of them just leave a weird aftertaste. A friend of mine had gastric bypass and her surgeon recommended a protein shake for after the surgery. So, I thought I would try it. YUCK! I couldn't even get it INTO my mouth and then it had a weird taste and smell too!
So, my friend's husband said he had a new protein powder to try called Gotein. I looked at the nutritional value and could not believe it had only 100 calories. Also, I am pre-diabetic so I was thrilled to see the low carbohydrates and low sugar contents and it was high in protein - to ward off hunger.
It was so easy to use - just drank a bit of water from my water bottle, poured the powder in and shook it up. Have to say I was a bit hesitant about what it would taste like. It is GREAT. I am totally hooked. I went back to my friend's house and she stole her husband's stash of Gotein to give to me. I love it.
I am currently down 49 lbs. I use Gotein as a meal replacement for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. For me, the key has been to lower my calories and not feel hungry. Gotein does that for me.
Foothill Ranch, CA

Not only is Gotein portable and convenient, but it tastes pretty darn good. It mixes up quickly and easily and best of all, it doesn't taste like protein powder. The worst part about protein powder is the chalky texture and gross aftertaste, and Gotein doesn't have either of these things.

Easy on the Stomach
I could never find a protein supplement that didn’t upset my stomach until Gotein, especially one that tastes so good and dissolves completely in water. The fact that it’s so convenient is a definite plus- I always have a few packets in
my car so if I’m out longer than expected I know I have a good source of nutrients. And being vegetarian, it’s a great option to make sure I get enough protein without adding a lot of extra calories and sugar.
Heather J.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Gotta be honest, I'm not a big fan of the powder-mix drinks. They always come across chalky-tasting to me. The powder seems to only partially mix and the chunks gross me out.Gotein was a pleasant surprise!I tried the Chocolate first (duh!), and was so delighted that it went down smoothly and tasted good (no chalk here folks!)

Gotein Boys
My two sons play high school football at Servite High School in Anaheim. They consume huge amounts of calories and require a highly specific and balanced blend of protein and vitamins to ensure optimum energy levels, muscle mass and performance on the field. Gotein has become an instant staple in our home as part of their nutritional regime. No more choking down chalky, tasteless, gritty shakes...this product is smooth, delicious and healthy. The fact that it is so easily soluble in a recyclable water bottle is fantastic, and good for the environment. No more messy blenders, no more shake sludge to clean out of cups, no more powdery counter mess. The convenience factor is priceless in our hectic, on-the-go lifestyle! Gotein is a truly unique product that has cornered the market on convenience, taste and health benefits. Thanks for a superior product. My boys are GOTEIN BOYS!The Whyte Family
Orange County, CA

I just wanted to say that I love your product! I found it at Hi Health the other day and it is such great product. Keep up the good work!

Ultra Marathon Mom
My name is Hwa Ja Andrade. I am 68 years young and an Ultra Marathon Runner. I have been running 100 mile races for the past 10 years (no typo, 100 miles). I have had a difficult time finding the right foods to take in during a race that keeps a proper electrolyte balance. It is difficult to take in enough calories to give my body what it needs, without getting filled up. My son introduced me to Gotein. I love it. It is easy to use, tastes good, and gives my body what it need to run for 30 hours (again, no typo). I usually have 3-4 Gotein shakes during a race.Hwa Ja Andrade
Cypress, CA

In terms of taste, I really loved the chocolate and vanilla. Both were like a dessert/sweet treat, neither tasted chalky, and the drink was overall much more refreshing than I expected it to be.

Going Bananas for Gotein!
My name is Jane and I was introduced to Gotein a little less than a year ago. I absolutely love it, however, I don't put it in water, I freeze a bag of banana slices and add about 5 or 6 of them along with a couple ice cubes and a cup of 1% milk in a blender along with a Gotein. It is exactly like a thick milk shake and so delicious. I have that every single morning with a slice of wheat toast and I'm good to go until around 2 o'clock. I wake up in the morning craving it. Very satisfying, tastes wonderful, and the best thing is, it's really good for you.Jane
Orange County, CA

There was definitely none of that yucky protein aftertaste. It reminded me of Yoo-hoo.

Gotein Recommendation
Gotein is fast, easy and a satisfying supplemental drink. It's as simple as a 16oz water bottle, a packet of Gotein, and shake it up. The powder simulates quickly with no residual protein clumps. Furthermore all 3 flavors taste great. I highly recommended this affordable product.
Silvio Delligatta
Co-Owner Sport Performance Institute
Laguna Beach , CA

I have never had good luck with strawberry flavored shakes…they always tastes so…fake! To my amazement (and excitement), I LOVED this flavor! It tasted just like…
Yes, strawberry Yoo-hoo! I kid you not!
Ohhhh, the memories of my childhood!

Love it!My husband and I go on motorcycle road trips several times a year.
Your product will certainly come in handy. It packs well and won't take up much space.
A decent and healthy alternative to typical "gas station food and drink".
Thank you so much!